The Eagle
Hounds Of Hell

As finite human to fail - we're prone
and to sin we're susceptible
we hear the untiring hounds and groan
finding slavery to sin acceptable

Pursued like an animal in the wild
the hounds will be on us in a little while
the ever-present baying, never ceasing
our time on earth ever decreasing

We know they are there, but just out of sight
we struggle to dodge with perpetual flight
ever coming, the sounds of relentless chase
we can never slow, forced to keep the pace

It's the untiring hounds of hell
to keep us distracted, on their threat to dwell
to thrust our minds onto the unyielding rocks
where we'll be crushed far from safe docks

The sounds get closer o'er every hill
the echo of their bay pushes further still
dreadful moments through each valley
striving with last strength to stay off their tally

We are winded, tired, sick of looking over shoulder
as we climb, too tired to scramble the next boulder
alas, but my will and my strength doeth fail
the hounds of hell now close in on the trail

In my last desperate breath I weakly call
to Him Who has the strength to stop it all
just a Word from Him brings life cleansing
washed in the blood, my life now has meaning

Through His strength and His favor
protected from the deadly accuser
newness of life can I enjoy and savor
free of death by the hounds of the confuser

No longer do I desperately flee
but cling to Him Who died on the tree
to save from the overwhelming quell
to fear and flee the Hounds Of Hell

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2018

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Hounds Of Hell
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2018
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