How Do You Plead

Trembling, shaking, he could barely lift his head
the question asked again "How do you plead?"
unable to move, he lay, almost as if dead
know you not, for you I did bleed?

Could he plead "insanity?"
for it was true, to shun Gods' Grace
to deliberately turn away was blasphemy
one would certainly have to be insane

Could he plead "not guilty?"
that lie would be filthy
"all have sinned and come short"
in vice did you cavort

Would he be better pleading "guilty?"
admitting he did all and more
not wanting God, living pallidly
caring not one day he'd cross Jordans' shore

What excuse could he give
not for God did he live
wanting sins' pleasures only
thinking of Gods' sacrifice coldly

His tongue he could not contain
as it confessed his whole life vain
his every thought and action profane
no one else could he blame

The question asked again
and how do you plead your case?
his last carnal resistance all in vain
not even the ability of 'not fair' complain

"Depart from me, I never knew you"
never for me did you live true
he listened with heavy heart
as God said "From me, depart"

And now dear reader you've read
this little poem and you now feel dread
knowing for sure 'tis true
His blood was shed for you too

But the one who'd served God all his days
sacrificed and stayed in the narrow way
when asked at the judgment seat
"how do you plead?"

The only way to cleanse sins' sludge
is to call and plead the blood
it's the only cleansing flood
for those sins up Calvary did trudge

How can you plead?
plead the cleansing power
to wash and clean
to join the bride, all sin scour

Call His name for washing this hour
no other chance will scarlet sins whiten
with His Spirit He'll shower
your heavy load He'll lighten

It's only in the Name of the Lamb
that precious name of the I AM
that will wash you clean
I ask again, "How do you plead?"

We all will one day stand before Him
so as your life is going dim
the future of your soul looking grim
I beg of you this day, sin . . . from your life trim

It's better that sin from your life cull
repent of each sinful wrong deed
with His Spirit your life no longer be dull
but by His Grace . . . How do you plead?"

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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How Do You Plead
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© 2000 - 2019
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