The Eagle
How Many

Each of us have family and friends
loved ones, or even neighbors
Not baptized nor have made amends
and are not results of our labors

But the question begs as to why
is it them or is it us?
Why in sin they continue to fly?
in the face of prayers' truss?

How many hours a day for them do I pray?
hours? we say.  Nobody prays for hours - - do they?
Ok, how about minutes, do we seek Gods' way?
oh - not minutes?  Ok.  How many seconds do we dedicate

To the unbalanced scales of prayer for the lost
or do we count it as too much of a cost
To resolutely petition for their soul, to loudly cry out
rending tears and prayer induced sweat from our brow

How many times per day do you mention their name
and ask God to bring them in to safety
or do we cower before fear of rejection in shame
leveraging denial or some excuse greatly

Of one thing we can be sure
failure to travail is sin the blood won't wash
If we continue to chase the enemy's negligent allure
never attempting to reach the lost

We work beside them every day
travel with them, live with them; lost
Dare to speak and invite them to a better way
introduce them to Him Who paid all costs

Can we justify saving our own soul from death and hell
then entering paradise while our friends
Are being swallowed in the fiery swell
once there, no help will God ever lend

Be certain to take every chance
to tell others of salvation in His Name
Heaven certainly will not be happenstance
neither will it be ours, if our praying is lame

A beloved Elder once spoke words to never forget
"If we go(*) we'll take someone with us"
Let that sentence soak in and never digress
it's a sobering thought and ever true - thus

The question is still the same, how many?
not measured in hours, minutes, seconds, if any
But is measured by stars, hopefully plenty
stars in our crown . . . How Many?

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2018

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How Many
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2018
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