I Don't Dance

You're not in "The Spirit!"
naysayers sometimes exclaim
with my blessing they attempt to abscond
to their actions I happily respond

I don't worship cuz I feel something
I worship cuz I WANT to feel something
to which God always corresponds
way much further beyond

And sends His blessings, sweet and pure
which gives me the ability to endure
in this never ending battle against satan
until the fall of the last curtain

No, I don't dance because I feel His prescence
I dance to honor and praise and glorify Him
Whose Mercy bought salvation and grace
allowing me to dwell in a sure place

Of pure delight, sunshine, vision and hope
instead of moping around like a forlorn dope
I dance because I'm part of a royal priesthood
bought when on that day alone He stood

In the gap betwixt heaven and hell for me
shedding precious blood on that rugged tree
so if all you can do is criticise and throw lance
know for certain, it's not for you I dance

I dance cuz I'm happy and free
I dance cuz He had mercy on me
I dance cuz for me He bled
I dance cuz one day He died in my stead

I dance cuz He's worthy and Holy
I dance cuz His mercy covers me wholly
I dance cuz His blood covers a multitude of sins
I dance cuz His strength overpowers enemy spins

I dance cuz His mercies are new every morning
I dance cuz His Word against the foe gives me warning
So if you belittle me and take not the chance
for worry over disdainful glance

Then don't hinder me when I lift my hands
with praises to Him Who died for all man
giving great hope and rock solid promise
of blessings in the desert in the midst of the lawless

For you see . . . .
"I don't always dance cuz I feel something,
            I dance because I WANT to feel something!"

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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I Don't Dance
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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