Is That All There Is

A song of the sixties,
put into words the emotion
mosttimes fed by peer whimsy
somewhat of a notion

That the next thrill must be higher,
seeking even through potion
to fulfill that ever lingering desire
some kind of soul soothing lotion

Love, lust, drugs, alcohol, speed, cheap thrills
greater heights, deeper depths, hungering still
something driving, pushing, akin to unrest
a hurt, an ache, sitting deep in the chest

But after each high, after each thrill
descent; depression, desire, despair,
the longing, the hunger remains still
the need of being filled; ready for any dare

And the words of the song comes to our ears
Is that all there is?  Is that all there is?
No wonder we drown in tears
what to live for? if that's all there is

What one needs is a high from above
from which you don't come down
something much greater than love
undescribed by human noun

Peace which passes understanding
something that fills that void down deep within
higher, higher, and ever expanding
something which cleanses from bonds of sin

His Grace, sufficent to fulfill
places in our hearts the greatest of thrills
Mercy, and peace, your life He will fill
eternal life and patience to wait until

He comes for His Bride
to be ever at His side
Now immortal we'll be; pure, clean, no stain
beyond human perception, heaven to gain.

So lean not to your own understanding
but wholly seek His heavenly prize
it lends satisfaction, removes sins' demanding
and removes the longing in our lives

Only His heavenly bliss offers
something to fulfill humanly coffers
with ever increasing love, His
rebutting the question, "Is That All There Is?"

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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Is That All There Is
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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