Let The Machine Do The Work

A man quite disgruntled one day
returned a newly purchased chain saw
And it seemed he had something to say
seems this thing wouldn't do work at all!

I was informed when I bought this fancy saw
that I could cut three cords of wood with little work at all
It took a half a day just to make the first tree fall
"He's so tired, he barely cut a half cord" said ma.

The salesman said "here, let me take a look"
and gave the crank-rope a simple pull
Brrrrnnnnggghhh the engine came to life
the disgruntled man jumped back in great surprise

"What's that sound?" he asked in fright
"Why, it's the engine. Why do you ask?"
So the man learned instructions with great delight
"let the machine do the work - let it take the task

And it's the same way as people of the church
we ask God for help, then we try to do all the work
When He gave us careful instructions to follow
instead, our desires continue to be hollow

If we'd have faith and patience to let Him work
instead of attempting his portion, our own duties shirk
There's no telling what God would do
if we'd let the machine of the Spirit give a break through

Allow the power of God Almighty
to work miracles and wonders as He
Has always done for those who have the patience to be
no more and no less of what He wants us to be.

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2021
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Let The Machine Do The Work
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2021
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