Like A Tree

A tree that is alive
will always grow and thrive
it's roots grow strong n deep
it will stand high and steep

It casts its limbs far and wide
Gives comfort and shade on every side
Casting in all directions it's seed
Some amongst the weeds

Some on rocky ground
some on good it is found
where it takes root and is alive
for the good of others to thrive

God proclaimed it shall not be moved
living or dead, it shall be proved
But take a closer look and then decide
If we are like tree casting wide

You see, as long as the tree lives
of itself it freely gives
it grows and reproduces
but dead, it merely reduces

If it gives its fruit you'll surely see
its fruit and blessings glean
by those who's life has been blessed
inluenced by Gods' holy quest

Like the tree, we're judged by our fruit
proved by Godly living or of living loose
accursed and cut down - thrown into the fire
lulled and dead in enemy quagmire

If a tree doesn't grow,
it dies, into the fire is thrown
if it doesn't spread seed and reproduce
it's good for nothing, mere refuse

But if by Living Waters you grow
seeds you'll surely throw
a workman worthy of his hire
helping to pull others from the fire.

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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Like A Tree
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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