Meet Jesus

If you're in need of a Friend
On Whom you can depend
with Whom to walk around each bend
faithful to the very end . . .
                        Meet Jesus

If you're tired and burdened down
with heavy loads and dreary frown
if you're so tired of dragging 'round
sins' yoke keeps you tied, heavily bound
                        Meet Jesus

Despair fills the air with dark and gloom
nothing but the end in sight - a tomb
stark thoughts of judgement fill our eyes
in dark of night despairing empty cries
                        Meet Jesus

Sins unrepented — shackle us without mercy
everything we see or do is but controversy
unable to find direction or a clear path
to avoid God's soon coming wrath
                        Meet Jesus

While we're alive He's our Savior
bled and died to cleanse misbehavior
His blood will wash and cleanse all who repent
break sins bonds, fill your heart with content
                        Meet Jesus

But in eternity He will then be your Judge
demanding why His path to redemption you begrudge
your knees will shake and bow, you'll fall on your face
begging Him one more chance to advantage His Grace

But 'twill be much too late
for you chose your own fate
no room for debate
hell - the only mandate

I plead with you on this date
run to Him before it's too late
on your knees plead and repent
before your whole life is wantonly spent
                        Meet Jesus

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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Meet Jesus
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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