As I sat in the presence of the congregation
feeling so humbled of people there
low in number but high in acclamation
as they raised hearts and hands in prayer

Over my entire body were prickles
as the Holy presence of highest Deity
flooded the sanctuary as if wielding the sickle
who would be blessed, who was worthy

Who had praised Him with humble heart and purity
or those who sat "just being there" like a bump
Missed such awesome blessings, washing: and security
amidst the Glory, seemingly sinking deeper in the sump

Such awesome power, by any force, uncontainable
giving to some - mercy, uplifting, and miracles
leaving encouragement, strength - memorable
a chance of a lifetime - situations pivotal

Lingered for only so long, then gone - predictable
others left feeling miserable, no drink from the fountain
How can this be? In my mind unfathomable
the power so strong it could move the mountains,

The difference is easily explained in the Word un-blurred,
people moved quickly when the pool was being stirred
If you want a change, uplifting and sweet victory
get it by praising Him - there's no mystery

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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