No Mixup With One

As human we're pretty ditzy sometimes
easily confused by simple things oftentimes
taking for granted long taught paradigms
believing incorrect concepts for entire lifetimes

The Apostles taught the blood bought church
to baptize in the one and only Name
yet to obey His teaching surely hurts
for surely father, son and holyghost means the same . . .

But what we see is horrible division
of One diety split into three
views thrown askew by demonic division
vision blinded and truth cannot see

But it all boils down to One!
you see, there's no mixup with One!
no way to get One confused
only one way to become transfused!!

Jesus Christ is the fleshly body of God
Israelites taught from birth all through lifes' trod
there is only One God!
ANY other teaching is but fraud

Be baptized in the NAME today
don't be a vicim of popery sway
It's through His Name He taught that day
Through Jesus Name - the only way

He's the only One!
Salvation in only One!
any other will keep you undone
so from more than one speedily run!

Two gods, three gods, four or more
is merely confusion intrusion
You must come through Him - the Door
or you'll die lost following trinity illusion

Untangle yourself from ungodly delusion
be not a victim of trinitarian diffusion
to Strong Tower Salvation bought with blood run
for you see, there's No Mixup With One!

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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No Mixup With One
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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