Old Warriors

When the world's last war has been fought,
and lies have been cast off and vetted,
When the oldest warriors are home,
and the youngest deaths regretted,
Humanity will heal albeit slowly,
while warriors continue to weep,
'Til tales of valor forgotten,
and fear's finally put to sleep

When the oldest crosses have crumbled,
and the greenest grasses turned grey,
When the last old glory's been planted,
and silent shadows no longer play,
Old Warrior's hearts will be healed,
and no more tears will be shed,
Hope will find new foundations,
and nightmares put to bed.

Freedom will loudly ring once again,
so deafening the sound will be,
And the world will be vividly painted,
in hues replete with honesty,
With humanity once again artists,
working as one in light,
Warriors will close their weary eyes,
with souls at peace this night.

~ Styxx

© 2000 - 2021
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Old Warriors
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2021
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