Open Door

Could it be just a coincidence
that a phrase would have such significance
was it just mere words spoken for sake of fill
that He one day would trudge up the hill

door is hung but closed

Jesus said "I am the Door"
the Way, the Truth and the Light
He offers us exceeding more
that through Him we can end sins blight

The worth of a door is not much
it's just a potential of security
to protect from enemy and such
that intends to relieve us of prosperity

But when the door is hung
then it can be swung
opening a portal for all
who will heed His call

And He, as the Door - hanged on a tree
opening up salvation provided He
to all upon His name will call
trust power in His name to catch our fall

And keep us from the fiery furnace of hell
so very much more than human word can tell
He holds the Door open to salvation
for every kindred tongue and nation

door is hung and open to all

Oh!  Walk through Him the open Door
let Him wash with His blood to the core
Through His Name salvation, healing and more
But ye must go in at the Open Door

George Cavaness

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Open Door
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
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