The Eagle

The frailty of the human mind
created as such by design divine
of His beginnings unable to know
except the finite amount God to show

This inability to comprehend
Gods' vastness to fully understand
drives man to his own conclusions
influenced by demonic inclusions

Without wisdom from study of Gods' Word
our theology becomes starkly blurred
influence from the enemy will show a third
and the truth of His Diety, flees like a bird

Without the longing to know Him
the yearning to know what cannot be known
looks for us so distant and utterly grim
as we stumble our way through tares sown

Unable to comprehend the incomprehensible
touch or taste the unapproachable
until we realize His image in our nature
and our origin calls from the deep for His favor

Our nature is polluted, blocked by theologians
as they explain their knowledge - pure folly
fallacy, faulty, extremely draconian
mars our aspirations with melancholy

The Fall separated God from His creation
man dwelt in the pits far from divine elation
yet the longing to know Him forbidden
is given: when we press through to our Origin

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2018

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© 2000 - 2018