A quote I heard many years ago
one that every person should know
"The only stupid question is the one un-asked"
no matter if in others' stares you are basked

One should question many things
instead, we mostly listen to unsound bling
no matter how 'far out there' it may seem
and we go away feeling somehow unclean

When one approaches the scripture to learn
for themselves, and hopefully discern
they feel helplessness, overwhelmed
attempting to find the way out of hell

Be assured, the enemy has 'almost' duplicated
the True and Righteous way 'almost' authenticated
by attempting to strip away from God Almighty
His royal and extreme single divinity

God is a Spirit - no flesh - no bone
but Justice demanded blood alone
pure, perfect, clean and untainted
as Adams' was, before satan he fainted

For who could supply such precious blood?
no man.  Period.  NO MAN was good!
So, God, a Spirit, donned human flesh,
with perfect blood, our sins to thresh

Which died, leaving His Name on which to call
that will cleanse, wash and save us all
man is attacked by the enemy from every corner
wandering in darkness, without Him - a mourner

Where can I find the peace which passes understanding?
How can I be saved from sins' strong banding?
where can I find real power and Salvation?
through Jesus Name - the only answer to the Question

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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