Quietly In The Night

I sat on the hillside near the top
looking down on what God has wrought
This America, greatness and beauty untold
but by one evil and wicked entity, could completely fold

I remember the history learned in school
those who'd tried to keep her in bondage were made fools
'Cuz this country was founded by God
the taste of Freedom, by those who walk this sod

Drawn into riches, greed and periless sleep
we've allowed wickedness untold to seep
Now the Tree of Libery anguishes for blood
and to right this country, many will shed crimson flood

It's what matters to each of us most
our heritage and family hosts
to leave them the same country - free
playing on tow sack swings in the tree

Give up your guns you'll never be free
said my old grandpa, - for you see
Cowards will attack anyone unwilling or unable
to defend themselves, or retain their holdings stable

For this country was born of gunsmoke, blood and the rebel yell
'onward, and fight now for freedom or live in slavery hell
The curse of Islam that's coming on this land
against which we will bravely fight, die and stand

Black man, white man, brown and red
we'll stand, shoulder to shoulder on this land we tred
Against any government sanction and dreaded Sharia
destroying those bringing this bloody criteria

On the blood soaked hills, valleys and sand
till the last vistage of Islam is dead from this land
Cuz we're not like the Grecians who bowed in fright
For you see we will not go quietly in the night

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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Quietly In The Night
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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