Sound Of Sin

How can it be,
the term "sound of sin?"
How is one made to see,
with enemy tuned ears to the din.

With ears in tune with the devils’ din,
one is hardly entered in.
To that quiet, close poise,
to hear the still small voice.

The greatest display of destruction ever heard,
is found in Gods Holy Word.
It was there that day at the cross,
when the choice was given of saved or lost.

Sin could not live within the body of Christ,
but the Word tells us He took on the sin of the world.
How could it be, these two factions in a constant fight,
sin and destruction, or compassion for the whole world.

Could a human body have blood pure enough to staunch the flood,
if born of a woman, never giving in to the temptation of sin.
There is only one answer you see, the Holy Ghost was the giver of that blood,
into it was never given the chance for the injection of evil within.

Christ was none other than the flesh of a singular entity,
One, knowing no other god or being.
He was the embodiment of the only wise God, infinity,
our Saviour, as Jude 23 reveals, of which the angels sing.

Through reasoning of mans finite mind, and reluctance to obey His way,
the trinity, soul searing, hell thrusting, mans’ logic and theology would weigh.
Removing the deity of Christ, the sacrificial lamb in which God Himself manifested,
enemy tempted, tried, whipped and thought had bested.

When Lucifer caused that precious body to be tortured, shamed, degraded . . . crucified,
unbeknownst ushered to an end the calamity on which he had worked six thousand years.
To destroy the beauty and the chance at life with the only Wise God, tied,
forever, the sins into a body which bore no sin, no misery no fears.

But God would never remain in a body where sin would reside,
and as His Spirit left the sacrificial body, nails, spear hole in its side.
The body cried out calling the Spirit by name, my God, my God, why forsake?
At that instant, the pureness of God Almighty removed, sin residence did take.

Notice the body was dead, the sin coming in,
only kills, and the sound witnessed at that moment.
Was all sin could ever do; darkness, misery, peace shattering, light dim,
allowed as the cry ’tis finished,’ the last drop of blood: atonement.

The earth quaked, the darkness fell, the veil was rent,
the sound of sin of the whole earth.
From time beginning and to time end,
sin was tied, His love bound its girth.

Sin no longer had the power,
our souls to overtake.
Resist the enemy this very hour,
and swift flight he must take.

Because of the magnitude of sin on that day,
the sounds of sin for all eternity was raised.
As it rushed into the body vacant now of soul,
the bonds no longer can hold.

All close and around stood in witness,
each realizing Whom they’d crucified that day.
each soul can now be cleansed in fitness,
for Salvation was full and final: that was Gods’ way.

The wicked foe and his party dances at the sight,
of that precious body being taken down from cross.
Party hardy for the next three days and nights,
then tremble would they, as the the body arose from sins dross.

That body now cleansed, the first from sin by the pure blood of the Lamb,
each sin cast into a sea of forgetfulness by the blood of the great I Am.
God would again take up that body later, nights and days three,
as the last sin was washed from Calvarys’ Lamb for you and me.

Death has no victory now that He’s arisen,
the power over the enemy He’s taken.
You and I can live free from sin,
and it’s all because of Him.

His Name shall be praised,
His Glory must be sung to the heavens,
as we wear His Name,
calling on exactly that; no other Name for salvation given.

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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Sound Of Sin
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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