Tears In Heaven

I wonder if there are ever tears in heaven
on that bright shore where the Lamb is the Light
where God with open arms doth beckon
in my mind the thoughts portray bright sight

We hear songs that speak of no tears up there
about Jesus from our eyes brush the tears away
there'll be no sadness, no tears, no burden to bear;
but I believe there's tears in heaven anyway!

Those tears in heaven do certainly appear
when a new soul has his name firmly written
angels look on as God removes sins' drear
from a precious soul, sins chains are smitten

And most certainly in the eyes of God Almighty
tears of joy glisten on His face
when He sees a soul take hold of salvation tightly
and take respite in His Amazing Grace

A heaven-wide celebration goes on up there
as the angels rejoice in heavenly expression
a sinner has come home! Salvations' glory to share
yes, there are Tears In Heaven

George Cavaness

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Tears In Heaven
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
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