The Enemy Owns The Fence

What is it about the fence?
It seems to hold one in such suspense
and cancels out plain common sense
and lures the soul with great pretense

A fence is created for two separate chores
one of which is to keep ones' belonging indoors
the other is meant to keep others' belongings out
one chore gives confidence, the other causes doubt

Although one can plainly see what's on the other side
when warned about the dangers, we often chide
those whom we've known for years or from birth
who loves us enough to give the last shirt

It's hard to realize, to grasp the real truth
few there be that will invest the energy to slueth
to understand the hints of ones' demeanor
as they gaze at the other side which looks greener

They never take into consideration that at that standpoint
they're already astride the fence - under enemy conjoint
never taking into consideration the enemy's recompense
is the eternal deadly sentence achieved by the enemy's influence

There are no grey areas: either you are - or you ain't
such an alluring and pretty picture he'll paint
but no excuse of circumstance defense
you see:  The Devil Owns The Fence . . .

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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The Enemy Owns The Fence
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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