The Lifeline

I experienced one night the dream of a lifeline,
that was passed to me in a critical moment of time.

On it was a great buoyant ring,
such a marvelous lifegiving thing.

Of salvation, from sin and strife,
and it saved my wretched life.

On my knees I did fall,
repenting of my sins one and all.

For it was the instructions given by Peter,
of the brand new church, he was the leader.

A group of people found life saving salvation,
Jesus Christ was Cornerstone of the foundation.

The new church in the new Grace dispensation,
bought with blood, cleansing elation.

Through the fullness of His Word,
many people saved as they heard.

About the lifeline: Repentance, Baptism and Infilling,
for all those completely willing.

To grasp the line of truth as experienced by millions,
who received the fire of Salvation brilliance.

But the enemy sowed many tares,
corrupt leaders receiving many fares.

To offer for a life line instead,
a cruel weight cast upon their head.

Of a powerless trinity,
the worship of pagan gods, no divinity.

Instead of walking in newness of life,
the chains of misery, sin and strife.

Oh thou who art in sins' toil,
looking for rest in earth's turmoil.

Take hold on baptism in Jesus Name,
and your life will never be the same.

Yield unto Him Who holds the power,
to set you free this very hour.

And He will give you peace and make you free,
from all sins hold, death and misery.

For through Him and Him alone,
can one have their sins atoned.

Grasp the lifeline of Truth today,
and you too can walk in this glorious way.

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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The Lifeline
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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