Trojan Horse

The sad story is told of long ago,
when the Greeks attempted entry of Troy,
finally after ten years of battle, the story goes,
they conquered the city, with subtlety and a toy.

Bitterly, Troy successfully repelled the Greeks,
but fell due a letdown of their defenses so strong,
peace and ease, end of war did they seek,
and finally, the gift, wars end, after so long.

And a way to worship their god to boot!
but warnings came from within of those determined,
to keep the city safe, men astute,
were scoffed at, their words of wisdom undermined.

Accepted the present to their god Athena,
this would make Troy unimpregnable!
Were not the ships gone from the marina?
a threat from a horse?  Unimaginable!

But alas the story goes,
down through time told and retold,
How a city held, for ten years strong,
fell, with nothing less than a song.

A threat?  they said and scoffed,
at those who stood against.
Get with it, they said, we're in a different era!
but the treachery was real, but only a few sensed.

In the town square the Trojan horse stood in stark contrast
to the surroundings of the city - the danger they thought now passed.
After all were alseep, at peace and rest,
out of the belly, came Greek warriors, the chosen best.

Flinging open the gates of safety that had held for ten years straight,
letting in the masses of Greek soldiers who'd returned,
alas for the city of Troy, now it was too late,
the enemy overcame, slaughtered and burned.

In the present day church, the largest Oneness organization,
I see a steady decline, standards, beliefs, leaning toward the Charismatic.
In prayer, gifts of the spirit, strength of the Word; pure living - a cessation
their course erratic, failure to stand against evil - traumatic.

It was a blunder of such evil proportions,
the allowing of TV into the homes,
with the explanation of "our message we can spread," an abortion,
the downhill direction, suffering the 'Trojan Horse' syndrome.

Piping into once Godly homes, Hollywood sewer,
childrens brains, on sexual inuendo, fame and styles are skewered.
Songs and rapping, vulgar language and actions,
are now a huge part of our childrens' attractions.

Minds on every kind of evil in the cesspool,
dressing like their peers, it's so cool!
Messing around with drugs from new found friends,
the lives of many too young, will too soon end.

Lost, without God, or His plan of Salvation,
their church merely a socializing station.
At home the kids and adults alike sit and watch,
programming by demons, while male and female alike grasp their crotch.

With brains numb to God and His Word,
the leaders allow their churches to take,
as examples the filth of the world,
and mimic that which is made popular by the snake.

The enemy of the soul has broken into safeguarded courts,
with the idea that people will watch something Godly instead of the worst.
What a joke and a lie, 'what's the danger in good ol' Disney?
indoctrinating the minds of children, rendering them spiritually dizzy.

"You're afraid of a little cartoon?" in attempt to discredit those who would stand,
"you just don't understand, they cry.  We'll win thousands with a good band."
In their futility they argue, 'if we but one soul win . . . .'
even so, but how many souls did you spend?

Becoming What You Behold

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George Cavaness

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Trojan Horse
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