Two Little Boys

Two little boys of my own flesh and blood
playing in the rain, the water and the mud
active from daylight till setting sun
doing, learning, by insects stung

Two little boys, brothers you see
bottle rockets and motorcycles bring glee
in constant turmoil to out-do the other
bringing grey hairs to father and mother

Two little boys so young today
full of life, laughter and play
trains, baseballs, gloves and bats
will soon give way to other hats

Two young boys, growing up too fast
with tears you see their childhood won't last
too soon young men, girls hearts they'll sway
bittersweet the tears as they go their own way

Two young boys - Morgan and Miles
alike but different, see the girls flashy styles
seems like last week they cuddled in your arms
next week girls will swoon o'er their charms

Two young men - toys now laid aside
their own paths and ways they'll soon stride
no longer in father's house they abide
for now by their side stands their bride

Two young men bring to parents' empty nest
showing how God their families have blest
present mom and dad their children with noise
and speak of 'back in the day', old dogs and toys

And of yesteryear . . .      Two Little Boys

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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Two Little Boys
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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