Until you've:

smelled the Rose
     can you enjoy and identify the beauty of its fragrance

tasted honey
     can you understand the epitome of its sweetness

walked through disease and pain
     can you fully appreciate health

been in the heat of the desert
     can you savor the relief a few drops of water can give

walked through the valley of the shadow of death
     can you really revel the pinnacle of the mountain top

tasted the bitterness of sorrow
     can you relish joy

tasted the salt of tears
     can you can see clearly the reward of your sorrows

saltiness of labor induced sweat
     can you truly enjoy the reward of your exhaustion

felt the fatigue of a hard days work
     can you realize restful slumber

darkness of night
     can you delight in the breaking of day

been through the test of fire
     can you ever come out as pure gold

been overcome by the myriad problems of life
     can you experience the joy of peace

won a battle
     can you ever experience Victory

tasted death
     can savor another day of life

realized the depths of sin
     can you fully appreciate His hand lifting you from your pit

went through sickness
     can you experience the zest for life

been pardoned from prison
     can you understand the beauty of freedom

experienced total darkness
     can you bask in light

known lungs without breath
     can you savor your next breath

seen a loved one pass into death
     can you honestly search your own life

went through a sicknesss
      can you experience healing

stumbled with human tongue in puny attempts describe God
     can you realize your deficiency, inability, total inaequacies

And until you've:

tasted His precious sweetness
fallen at His feet in repentance
had your eyes washed with tears
been washed by His Blood
had His Name called over you in baptism
felt His Spirit come into your physical body
felt the fire shut up in your bones
felt His Peace wash over you like a river
wrapped in His Presence like a blanket
found safety in His Strong Tower
found solace in His Word
walked in the Light of His Word
sat in the stillness of repose with Him . . .

Can you ever get a glimpse of:

His Depth,
His Height,
His Glory,
His Sweetness,
His Protection,
His Peace,
His Love,
His Amazing Grace,
His Sacrifice on the Cross,
His Salvation
. . . Heaven . . .

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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