What's In Your Tomorrow

I can't see what lies in the period called tomorrow
I can't even comprehend what I saw of yesterday
the best I can hope for is absence of sorrow
the least; joy, peace of mind and security in His way

Without Christ wholly in control
I have only sorrow, trouble and woe
no chance of Peace and comfort
astray, destitute, to sin encumbered

On my horizon, nothing but fear
my heart heavy, my conscious seared
living enjoyment of life, good times and fun
knowing every vice under the sun

But also knowing and fearing so dreadfully
that judgement is coming, so sure, verily
knowing in front of the judges' seat
my whole life will be bared for all to see

My knees together will dreadfully smite
bowing before Him in such radiant light
remembering each and every chance I had
to make things right, but so very sad

I turned away — His love disregarding
every day with sin deliberately flirting
till one day it all came to an end
the Dr said "nothing more can I do friend"

I fell on my knees and called to Him there
I sensed a presence which tingled my hair
a hideous laugh, the hiss of the snake
"you belong to me!  For you it's too late!"

Oh sinner, backslider or Christian you think
call on His Name, or you'll definitely sink
into the muck and the mire of man made religion
there's no salvation, not even a smidgeon

Call on His Name and be baptized
only through His Name are your sins incised
your life He will change and revise
only in His Way, can eternal life be realized.

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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What's In Your Tomorrow
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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