Where Do I Start From Here

I'd traveled so far, very far out
away from my Savior's safety zone
seeking fortune and social clout
not realizing just how cold I'd grown

Helpless and alone, which way to turn?
I wanted the world and the things that would burn
unable to see into dispair I'd sank
or just how far from safety's bank

Like a piece of rotten driftwood
worthless, absolutely no good
but God, with His love so vast
removed from sins' mold so fast

Unrealizing how into sins' mold I'd been cast
or when His Spirit flooded o'er my soul last
but now by mercy, back in His grace
back through my mistakes I did trace

How subtle and little the change
did the enemy for me arrange
I reasoned "there's nothing wrong with that"
failure slank in - like an old alleycat

Slacking off here, allowing this and that
little by little, losing more to enemy combat
wider and wider the swings from His Grace
'til I could no longer see His face

Then when I'd grown tired of the world
I realized the loss of the great Pearl
sick in mind, body and will
no more my life did His glory fill

Slowly, to me came the chill of death
so close was I to drawing my last breath
dying outside the arc of His safety
after all He'd done is so crazy!

Oh God! Jesus, Abba, Father, Master!
by enemy plan I was no longer in Gods' pasture
in desperation and realization so stark
I stumbled around for the path in the dark

I cried out for mercy, Lord! please hear my plea
Jesus, I repent, for miserably failing thee
on my knees I wept and cried
until finally I was satisfied

when God let His mercy and grace shine through
His winds of love through my heart again blew
His great Mercy, Love and Grace
gave me the will to finish this race

But it's on your knees to Almighty God
His Love He will replenish so dear
just remember our ideas and ways are flawed
so we ask: "Where Do I Start From Here?"

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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Where Do I Start From Here
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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