Lord Make Me Whole


Lord my name I ask, to be placed in the Book of Life
I've repented of my sins, baptized in Your name
my sins You've forgiven, and gave me a taste of new life
Lord fill me with Your Spirit, make me whole I pray


Disfigured by sin, my life was a mess
but I ran to Him for peace and rest
for a deeply troubled soul lodged in the shoal
wallowing in an ever deeping hole


The leprosy of sin had my soul deformed
in darkness void of direction I roamed
my soul ached for more than just healing
on my knees restoring - I'm needing


Lord not just healing, but I need to be made whole
Your Grace makes much whiter than snow
with me to the end, I know You'll go
Lord, not just healing, Lord, make me whole

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020

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Lord Make Me Whole
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