Derral & Trudi Ruth

Harold   Charles   Derral   David   James   Judy   Delcie   Ruby  

Darrel Lee Ruth with wife Trudy Elise Wolf, and first of two daughters, Elizabeth Jean.

Darrel Lee Ruth

          Darrel Lee Ruth     11/24/1942     Trudy Elise Wolf     05/19/1948     Wed: 06/16/1968
               Elizabeth Jean Ruth     10/26/1969   
                    Eric Miles Ruth     08/21/1988                             
                    Jennifer Elyse Ruth     01/29/1990         
                    Brittany Anne Ruth     02/17/1992
                    Alyssa  Marie Ruth     07/13/2007
                    Christopher Lee Ruth    01/09/2004
               Michelle Lee Ruth    04/19/1971     Rick Jasper     03/02/1968     Wed: 08/27/1988
                     Ashley Joelle Jasper     02/02/1989                     
                     Eric Ryan Jasper    12/14/1990
Darrels' Biological Mother

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